Wim Maris

Chief Executive Officer

Joined the Company in 2022 as President. He has more than 18 years experiences of extensive commercial, and supply chain in the food retailing industry from Ahold Delhaize Group where he worked in different countries in executive roles including 8 years in Indonesia as Vice President of Lion Superindo (2009-2017) where he oversaw the company's Procurement, Merchandising, Marketing, Digital, Sustainability, and FSQA (Food Safety & Quality Assurance) functions. He holds a Bachelor in Hotel Management from PIVA School, Antwerp, Belgium. He continued his Master Program for Strategic Purchasing and Supply Chain Management which is a joint executive program of the Broad Graduate School of Management - Michigan State University, Department for Business to Business and Supply Management - University of Stuttgart, CRiSPS School of Management - University of Bath and has attend the Executive Education Course from Harvard Business School. He was born in 1969.

Herry Senjaya

Chief Financial Officer

Joined the Company in 2003 and served several key position in Finance Division as Budget and Management Report Division Head (2003-2012), Finance and Accounting Vice President (2012-2014), Finance and Accounting Associate Director (2014-2020) and appointed as Director also as Chief Financial Officer since 2020. He started his professional career as a Senior Auditor at Prasetio Utomo & Co. (Arthur Andersen & Co.) in 1995-1998; Senior Consultant at Pricewaterhouse Coopers 1999-2000; Accounting Manager at PT Broadband Multimedia Tbk (KabelVision) 2000-2001; Associate Manager at PT Siddharta Consulting (KPMG) in 2001-2003. He is a graduated from Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung ini 1995 with Bachelor's degree in Economics. He was born in 1972.

Suwartono, SE

Chief Operating Officer

Joined the company in 2005 and served as Regional manager until 2012. Within 2012-2018, he held several important position in Company's operational such as Vice President Operational and Sales Development Hypermart; Associate Director for Operational; and served as Large Stores Format Director since (2017- 2022).

Prior to joining the Company, he has served as System Support Supervisor of PT Yascarindo Perkasa (1996- 1997); System Support Manager if Ramayanai Lestari Sentosa Tbk (1997-1999); and Carrefour Indonesia (1999-2005) where he served as IT Head, Division Manager and Store Manager. He graduated in 1996 as Bachelor in Economic from Slamet Riyadi University, Surakarta. He was born in 1974.

Kyutae Park

Chief Merchandising Officer

Joined the Company in March 2015 as Director of Boston Health & Beauty Operations. He has 20 years of experience in the retail industry and a prominent figure in establishing Watson chain in Asia. Kyu Tae started his professional career in 1996 as an Assistant Manager and developed his retail skill while contributing to set the first store of Carrefour in Korea. He has assumed several key positions, such as Director of Carrefour and Watsons Korea (2007-2012) and Watsons Indonesia (2012-2015). He was born in 1971.

Wirawan Winarto

Chief Business Development Officer

He joined the Company in 2018 as Vice President Buying, Logistic & Indirect Procurement, then served as Small Stores Format Director (2019-2022). His career in retail industry includes PT Lion Superindo (1994- 2017) where he has held several position: Store Operation, Division Head Buying Groceries, Senior Division Head Operation, Vice President Operation and Store Expansion; his last position as Vice President Operation, Corporate Communication and Sustainability. He graduated from Atma Jaya Catholic University in 1993 as a Bachelor of Management. He was born in 1969.

Leon Pompiliu Bivolaru

Head of Logistics & Fresh Quality Control

Joined the Company in 2015 as Vice President Wholesale. Leon has extensive 20 years of experience in retail and wholesale industries with strengths and focus in store operations, logistics, key account manager and field operations.

He started his professional career as Sales Representative for Quadrant Amroq Beverages, Timisoara (1998-2000), Interbrands Marketing and Distributions, Bucharest (2000-2001), Metro Cash & Carry Romania SRL (2001-2012) with several positions as Floor Manager, Store Manager and Head of Field Operations. His career in Indonesia begun when he joined PT Paserda Indonesia, Metro Cash & Carry International GmbH as Head of Field Operation in 2012 and PT Hero Supermarket Tbk as General Manager of Operations (2013-2014). He graduated from West University, Timisoara in 1998. He was born in 1975.

Lydiawati Kurniawan

Chief Human Capital Officer - Vice President

Joined the Company in 1994-2011 and from 2019 until now. She started her professional career in the Company in 1994 as a Senior Recruitment Officer, then moved up to several important positions such as Store Operation Specialist, Training & Development Manager, Organization Development & Staffing General Manager. During the 2011-2015 period, she continued her career at SOHO Group with several positions as Recruitment & Selection Division Head - SOHO Global Health, Organization Development & Talent Management Division Head - SOHO Global Health and Human Capital Development & Public Affairs Director - PT Ethica Fresenius Kabi (subsidiary SOHO Group). In the 2015-2018 period, she served as Human Resources & Organization Development Independent Consultant. Since 2019, she has returned to the Company as Human Capital Development Vice President. She has a Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Indonesia (1994). She was born in 1969.