Whistle Blowing System

The Company has an effective whistleblowing system in place since 2004. This policy of encouraging employees to step forward based on a rewards system complements the Company’s team approach of Corporate Culture. High awareness of the program and the lack of uncovering of fraud by internal control mechanisms indicate that the program is successful in preventing fraud and in preventing situations where fraud might be possible. This aspect of the Company’s approach to disciplined management supports the Company’s desire to implement GCG across all organizational levels.

The Company’s whistleblower policy help to ensure that the Company’s high standards of conduct and integrity are consistently maintained. The whistleblower reporting allows employees or other stakeholders to report, anonymously if necessary, any suspected misconduct or violation of the Code of Conduct. The whistleblower policy, and the procedures for reporting, have been disseminated to all employees, management, suppliers and business partners.

Reporting Procedure

In submitting complaints by employees and stakeholders based on findings of discrepancies that harm the Company, and to maintain the confidentiality of informants who convey information, the Company has constituted and owned the following:

  • Whisteblowing System Manager at Special Unit of the Risk Management Division, who can be reached through telephone number of 021-547 5202 and email address at whistleblowing.reporting@hypermart.co.id;;
  • Information publication regarding the Whistleblowing System, detail of Manager in-charge with phone numbers and email address through “Anti Gift and Gratuity” posters which are placed at headquarter, stores and distribution centers so it can be read and acknowledged by all stakeholders.

Whistleblowing Reports in 2019

In 2019, the implementation of Whistleblowing System identified 56 violation cases, in which 55 cases were successfully disclosed and settled until year-end. The Company took a firm stand toward those violations, where sanctions and firm warnings were issued as well as handed over several violation offenders to the authorities for further actions taken according the prevailing law and regulation.